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***Updates as of Spring 2017***

Please be advised that East Valley HS is requesting a state waiver for Physical Education under the 4×4 Block Schedule

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Parent Involvement Policy & Compact

The School Parent Involvement Policy and Compact were mailed to you 2nd week in December. Please read and sign the compact and return to the school.

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New Updated Bulletins for Spring 2017!   

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BUL-5046.0    Abolition of Corporal Punishment

  • The purpose of this bulletin is to restate and reinforce this policy of the District. The Superintendent encourages the use of positive approaches to discipline and classroom management to ensure that students conform to proper standards of behavior permitting them to derive greater benefits from the educational program.

 BUL-5212.2    Bullying and Hazing Policy

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to providing a safe and civil learning and working environment. The District takes a strong position against bullying, hazing, or any behavior that infringes on the safety or well- being of students, employees, or any other persons within the District’s jurisdiction or interferes with learning or the ability to teach. The District prohibits retaliation against anyone who files a complaint or participates in the complaint investigation process.

 BUL-1347.2    Child Abuse Reporting Requirements/CAAT DUE March 17, 2017

  • It is the policy of the Los Angeles Unified School District that all District employees shall report instances of suspected child abuse or neglect by telephone immediately, or as soon as practically possible, to an appropriate child protective agency and shall prepare and send a written report to the same child protective agency called within 36 hours of receiving the information concerning the incident.

Bul-5167.0      Code of Conduct With Students

  • The purpose of this policy bulletin is to delineate those situations and advise employees/individuals that, when allegations of inappropriateor behavior are made, the District is obligated to investigate the allegations and, if warranted, take appropriate administrative and/or disciplinary action.

BUL-2637.1    Suicide Prevention: Threat; and Crisis Intervention (in process of being revised)

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) is committed to providing a safe, civil and secure school environment. It is the District’s charge to respond appropriately to a student expressing or exhibiting suicidal ideation or behaviors and to follow-up in the aftermath of a completed suicide.

 BUL- 6231.0   Discipline Foundation Policy

  • This bulletin provides guidelines and procedures for a consistent framework for developing, refining, and implementing a culture of discipline built on positive behavior support and interventions. It incorporates changes in the District policy relating to school discipline resulting from the Board Resolution-2013 School Discipline Policy and School Climate Bill of Rights.

 Employee Attendance

  • While the vast majority of employees have a strong commitment to their work and excellent attendance, it is also clear that unnecessary absenteeism has a negative impact upon student achievement due to interruption of the continuity of instruction, and results in reduced productivity, loss of service, and significant costs to the Los Angeles Unified School District (“LAUSD”).

BUL-4748.0    Ethics Policies

  • Our Code of Ethics helps develop trust by describing what the public can expect from us, and what we can expect from each other and our District. It plays a central role in our District’s commitment to help District personnel achieve the highest ethical standards in their professional activities and relationships. Our goal is to create a culture that fosters trust, commitment to excellence and responsibility, personal and institutional integrity, and avoids conflicts of interest and appearances of impropriety.

BUL-1205.1    Family Medical Leave Act

  • The District is committed to continued compliance with the federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA). FMLA and CFRA require that employers provide to an eligible employee a maximum of twelve (12) work weeks of protected leave per year when the employee or a covered family member experiences a “serious health condition,” or when an employee requests time to bond with the employee’s child after the child’s birth or placement through adoption or foster care or for military exigency leave for a covered service member. An eligible employee can be entitled to protected leave of up to 26 work weeks to care for a covered military service member with a serious illness or injury sustained while on active military duty.

BUL-4569.0    Reasonable Accommodations

  • The District is required by state and federal law to provide reasonable accommodations to qualified individuals with disabilities so that employees with disabilities can be afforded the benefits and privileges of employment equal to those enjoyed by similar employees without disabilities. The Integrated Disability Management Unit of the Division of Risk Management and Insurance Services oversees and coordinates the Reasonable Accommodation process on behalf of the District. 

BUL-3772.3    Illness and Injury Prevention Program

  • California Code of Regulations and Board Rule 2351 mandate that the District maintain a safe and healthy workplace for employees. These regulations require that each work location have a written Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) with specific responsibilities and procedures to prevent employee injuries and illnesses. As a result, each District site must have a written IIPP that is reviewed bi-annually and revised whenever there is a change in the site administrator or other personnel listed in the IIPP, there is a change in operations, or when new regulations have been issued. The IIPP must be available for review by an Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Compliance Officer during an inspection or accident investigation conducted at their facility.

BUL – 999.10 Responsible & Acceptable Use Policy (RAUP) For District Computer and Network Systems

  • Teachers, administrators, and other school personnel should ensure District data systems are used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner, and that such use be in support of the District’s business and educational objectives.

BUL-5181.2    Internet Safety For Students

  • All students who are provided access to the Internet must participate in an Internet Safety Education Program. Teachers, administrators, and staff are responsible to provide Internet safety education and must comply with this policy.

BUL- 5688.1   Social Media Policy for Employees and Associated Persons

  • The purpose of this bulletin is to provide policies and guidelines for social media communications between employees, students, parents and other associated persons; to prevent unauthorized access and other unlawful activities by District users online; to prevent unauthorized disclosure of or access to sensitive information, and to comply with the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA). While the District recognizes that during non-work hours employees and students may participate in online social media, blogs, and other online tools, District employees and associated persons should keep in mind that information produced, shared and retrieved by them may be subject to District policies and is a reflection of the school community

Safe School Plan (Due October 4, 2016)

  • LAUSD schools are required to comply with California Education Code (CEC), Section 32286(a), dealing with the preparation of “safe school plans.” These plans address violence prevention, emergency preparedness, traffic safety and crisis intervention. The District has developed the Model Safe School Plan (SSP) for use as a template in the preparation of safe school plans for each of the District’s 900 schools.

Bul-4759.3      Williams Complaint Procedures (formerly Williams’/Valenzuela)

  • There should be sufficient textbooks and instructional materials. That means each pupil, including English learners, must have textbooks or instructional materials, or both, to use in class and to take home or use after class. School facilities must be clean, safe, and maintained in good repair in addition to the following:
  • A school restroom should be maintained or cleaned regularly, fully operational, stocked with consumable supplies and/or a hand dryer.
  • A school must keep all restrooms open during school hours when pupils are in class, and/or a sufficient number of restrooms open during school hours when pupils are in class.
  • There should be no teacher vacancies. 

BUL-5721.1   Student and Employee Security

  • The updated bulletin provides is a supplement to existing safety practices at school sites and may be helpful to site administrators in programming events, developing guidelines, setting school policy and supporting safe school plans.

MEM-6612.0   Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedures

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to providing a safe working and learning environment, free from unlawful discrimination and harassment. Federal and state law and the California Education Code mandate that the District annually publish and disseminate nondiscrimination notices.

 Bul-5424.1      Random Metal Detector Searches

  • Schools are faced with instances of violence, including the use of weapons on or adjacent to school campuses. The District has implemented random metal detector searches under the settled principles of constitutional construction, which permits reasonable application of metal detectors in schools. This policy is applicable to all secondary schools and span schools configured for students in grades 6 through 12. Co-located schools, schools on the same

BUL-5159.3    Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP)

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District (District) has the primary responsibility to ensure compliance with applicable state and federal laws and regulations, and shall investigate complaints alleging failure to comply with those laws and regulations, alleging discrimination, harassment, intimidation, and/or bullying, alleging unauthorized charging of pupil fees for educational activities or alleging failure to comply with legal requirements under the Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP). The District shall seek to resolve those complaints in accordance with the procedures set out in §§4600-4687 of Title 5 of the California Code of Regulations and the policies and procedures of the District.

Special Education

  • The teachers, administrators, and staff of the Los Angeles Unified School District believe in the equal worth and dignity of all students and are committed to educate all students to their maximum potential. The mission of the Division of Special Education is to provide leadership, guidance, and support to the school community in order to maximize learning for all students within an inclusive environment so that each student will contribute to and benefit from our diverse society. 

BUL- 4692.5   Section 504 Plan

  • The Los Angeles Unified School District is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free of discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying. The District affirms that no qualified student with a disability shall, on the basis of disability, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or otherwise be subjected to discrimination, harassment, intimidation and bullying under any District program or activity. The denial of equal access to District education programs and/or activities and/or the denial of a “free appropriate public education” (FAPE) on the basis of students disabilities is considered disability-based discrimination under federal and state law. In addition, the District must provide nonacademic and extracurricular services and activities in a manner that ensures individuals with disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate. Similarly, the District must make reasonable accommodations to its policies, practices and procedures when necessary to ensure other individuals with disabilities, such as parents and the general public, are not discriminated against on the basis of disability.

Pub-No. 464 (Elementary)/465          (Secondary) Student Body Policies

  • California Statel law allows any group of students within a school to organize a student body association, also known as an Associated Student Body (ASB), for the purposes of conducting activities on behalf of the school’s students. However, the ASB must be approved by the Board of Education and be subject to its control and regulation.

Secondary schools: ASB considered “organized” because there is an elected student body government and a student body advisor.

Elementary schools: ASB is considered “unorganized” because the principal serves as the trustee with the power to make decisions.


LAUSD – Electronic Device Policy – BUL-5468 Guidelines

General Guidelines:

Students are permitted to possess cellular phones, pagers, or electronic signaling devices on campus provided that any such device remains off” and stored in a locker, backpack, purse, pocket, or other place where it is not visible during normal school hours, or school activities.

Students are only permitted to use cellular phones, pagers, or electronic signaling devices on campus before and after school, excluding the students’ lunchtime or nutrition breaks unless the school site council has adopted a stricter policy.

Students must comply anytime a request is made by school personnel to cease the use of a cellular telephone, pager, or other electronic signaling device even before or after school.

If such a device is observed by staff, during school hours or activities, it shall be confiscated until redeemed by a parent/guardian/caregiver or as determined by the school principal/designee.

Office of the Superintendent

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