Franklin Medrano

Welcome to Mr. Medrano’s Physical Education courses!  Our goal is to prepare our students for life in our society.  Physical education contributes, primarily through movement experience, to the total growth and development of all students.  It also helps students gain self-discipline by facilitating the development of student responsibility for health and fitness.  Providing students with opportunities to assume leadership, cooperate with others, and accept responsibility for their own behavior influences moral development.

Physical Edcation Goals

Students will be able to:

  • develop an understanding of a lifelong dedication to physical activity and fitness
  • learn and perform fundamental skills required to participate in various sports/activities
  • develop desirable habits, attitudes and actions that are socially acceptable
  • learn the basic knowledge of the rules, terminology, history, scoring rules, etiquette and strategy of the games
  • learn about anatomy and physiology, nutrition, and health-related fitness
  • develop communication, critical-thinking, problem-solving, decision-making, and cooperative skills
  • develop the ability to be creative in the performance of individual skills
  • set personal and realistic goals
  • meet the physical education State Standards and FITNESS GRAM requirements develop good personal hygiene by wearing the proper physical education uniform

 Jupiter Grades                                                                    Health Syllabus EVHS

SRF Poster Presentation Guidelines

Cooperative Vocabulary

Skill Related Fitness Rubric

California PE Content Standards.pdf

PE Syllabus 2014-2015

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