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So You’re Applying to College!
Remember to Follow these Simple Guidelines


Cal State University: (CSU Northridge, Cal State LA,…)
• Apply October 1st November 30th of your Senior Year
• Apply on-line:
• Straight forward application-need to list A-G classes taken
• SAT Reasoning or ACT required
• No application essay
• Application Fee: $55 or fee waiver

Check with Ms. Leaños in the College Center for Application
Workshop dates, fee waiver information, and other questions.


SAT Deadlines

• October 11, 2014 Deadline to register: September 12, 2014
• November 8, 2014 Deadline to register: October 9, 2014
• December 6, 2014 Deadline to register: November 6, 2014

ACT Deadlines

• September 13, 2014 Deadline to register: August 08, 2014
• October 25, 2014 Deadline to register: September 19, 2014
• December 13, 2014 Deadline to register: November 7, 2014

Financial Aid

– January 1, 2015-March 2, 2015 (The Earlier the Better!)

– FAFSA and Cal Grant Verification: FFSA.ED.GOV

– Private School: May require earlier dates (February 15)

Placement Tests

– Most colleges and universities have Placement Tests that are required. Check the website to know which ones are required for your colleges and their deadlines. Some schools will NOT accept you or DISENROLL you if you miss the placement test deadlines.

Acceptance to Colleges

– Generally, students are notified before March 31, 2015

Notice of Financial Aid

– Generally, students are notified before April 15, 2015

Student Intent to Register: (SIR)

– Students must notify the colleges that they are planning to attend before May 1, 2015

Deadline to Send Final Transcripts

– July 15, 2015

Reminder to Students:

1. Apply broadly to a wide-range of colleges.
2. Always check your emails and follow the directions given by the schools.
3. Open up an email account with the schools (Portals) and check regularly.
4. Take all of your placement tests EARLY!
5. Keep a calendar of all the deadlines. Don’t miss them!
6. Talk to the College Counselor immediately of there is a problem or question.